Your Google+ Tips of the Week | Issue 113

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Your Google+ Tips August 9th

1. Delete unwanted Google+ Pages

2. Resharing a Shared Google+ Post

3. Google Search Tool To Filter Private Content

Delete unwanted Google+ Pages

"If you have ended up with spare Google+ Pages - unused, unconnected to YouTube, unwanted - it's straightforward to delete them. Watch The Lady from Uncle's video to see how simple it is." 
If you have multiple Pages with the same name you need to be sure you are deleting the correct Page 
Page deletions are permanent, so if you have more than one Page with the same name and/or same avatar, change the name and avatar of the Page you want to delete.
If you have a YouTube channel connected to your unwanted Google+ Page, you need to either disconnect or delete the channel before you can delete the Page.

You can delete the channel in your advanced settings:(

If you want to keep the YouTube channel, you can contact YouTube support and have them move your channel to a different Google+ Page or your Google+ Profile. Use this contact form:

Resharing a Shared Google+ Post

One of the limitations of sharing a post that has already been shared, is we lose the commentary from the “resharer”. We see only the original post.

Sometimes the same G+ post gets shared repeatedly. So when I come across one from someone who added their own value to the original post, I want to share that too.

By sharing it as an embedded link as opposed to using the share function at the bottom of the post, the post is treated like any other article.

I recently did this with a Mark Traphagen share of a Ronnie Bincer post.
Ronnie was promoting his special 15 day free access to his private Hangout Mastery Community. Mark added a solid recommendation that I agreed with so wanted to share it along with Ronnie’s original post.
To illustrate this, I use an earlier example where I shared a Luis Galarza post.

1. I shared Luis Galarza's reshare of Ryan Hanley's post (which was a share of Mark Schaefer's blog post) using the usual method by clicking on the share icon at bottom of post. (told you)

Luis Google plus share

Google Plus reshare 5

2. The shared post looks like this. Note that we lose Luis' comments. The image links back to the Mark Schaefer blog.

Google Plus reshare of post 4

3. Instead of sharing from bottom of post, I grabbed the link to Luis' post by clicking on the arrow at top right and choosing "link to post". I copied it then pasted into the link section of a new post.

google plus reshare post 3

This created a new G+ post that links to Luis’ post as it would to any article shared from the web. (These “shares” won’t show as reshares in “Ripples”.)

google plus reshare 2

When I click on the image or title, instead of going to Ryan's share of Mark Schaefer’s article, it goes to Luis’ G+ post (reshare).

google plus reshare post

This gives us another option for sharing posts on Google+. When someone has taken time to add value to a reshare, it's nice to be able to share that as well.

Google Search Tool To Filter Private Content

This is a tip that was included in the regular Friday 3 Hottest Questions of the Week from the Google+ Help Community.

Speaking of “reshares”, it was shared in the Community by Mary Ann Davis from a post by Ana Hoffman who found it on Barry Schwartz's article.

This type of filter will show you content that was shared with you on Google+ or Gmail if you are signed in to your Google Account.

The LunchBunch held a super summer Showcase Special this week. You can catch the video on my YouTube channel and the follow up blog post on my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Thank you very much for sharing your time with me.
I hope you found this helpful and if you did, please share it with your friends.

Until next week, enjoy your walk on the "Plus" side.