Google Plus Tips of the Week | Issue 112

Google Pigeon Update

Google Plus Tips for Aug 2nd - issue 112

1. Connect with Influencers on Google+
2. Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts and URLs
3. What has the Pigeon Update Left Behind?

Opening Conversations with influencers

When you’re new to an area or platform (in the case of Google+),  the hardest part for many is to make connections. And the first step in doing that is to “break the ice”.
When you go to a networking event, you don’t insinuate yourself into a group of people who are in mid conversation.
You listen for awhile and when you have something to add, you join in.
One of the quickest ways to build strong relationships is to connect with influencers as they tend to know the most people and can sprinkle some of their “authority” dust on to you.
How to get their attention?

Google+ lists 17 different notification triggers that can help you connect with influencers in your industry.
Google+ Notifications
Depending on the individual's account settings, these notifications can take the form of an email, phone SMS, or the omnipresent red Google notification bar.

17 actions that trigger notifications:

  1. Mention them in a post
  2. Share a post with them directly
  3. Share a post and you're in a circle they subscribe to
  4. Comment on a post they created
  5. Comment on a post after they comment on it
  6. Add them to a circle
  7. Suggest new people to add to their circles
  8. Tag them in a photo
  9. Tag one of their photos
  10. Suggest a profile photo for them
  11. Comment on a photo after they comment on it
  12. Comment on a photo they are tagged in
  13. Comment on a photo they tagged
  14. Start a conversation with them
  15. Send them an invitation or update an event
  16. Remind them about events
  17. Any activity on events they created

WARNING: As more people use Google+, it becomes harder to connect with G+ veterans & influencers because they closely manage their circles and notifications.
The best method is to always to start a relationship by engaging with their content first - +1 them, comment and share. They’ll notice you and will be more apt to circle you. 
Consequently, when they do receive a notification about your event or a mention of them in your post, they’re more likely to respond by thanking you, +1ing or sharing your post.
Note: If you get spammy, you will be blocked.

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts and URLs

via Alex Garcia

Who doesn’t like a shortcut. 
In this post, Alex shares direct urls to Google+ destinations as well as some keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your stream.
The trick is to keep it bookmarked in a handy place that will take you a shorter time to find than to “Google it.”

To see the full list of shortcuts from any screen in Google+, press SHIFT+?

Keyboard shortcuts:
Send feedback to Google
Select the search box at the top of the page
Navigate to the icons on the left (such as Home or Photos)
Scroll between icons with the ↑ and ↓ keys
Press enter to open the selected page
Navigate from the icons on the left side to the main page
Scroll the main page with the ↑ and ↓ keys
Move down in the stream
Move up in the stream
Load new posts
Move to the next comment on the current post
Move to the previous comment on current post
Comment on the current post
Open the full list of keyboard shortcuts

Google Pigeon update statue

Google Pigeon Update

If you or your clients have a Local Business, then you best mind the “Pigeon”.

The recent Google Pigeon Update is radical updating of the way local results are ranked in Google Search. It is not a penalty-based update (aimed at cleaning the SERPs from low-quality content), but a core change to the local search ranking algorithm.

What’s Changed?

1. Local listing packs disappear for a huge number of keywords
What do to - Cover the traffic losses with a PPC campaign, and in the long run — focus on getting Web search listings for those keywords.

2. Local rankings are expected to depend more on website authority
What to do - Run a thorough competition research to see how your backlinks, content and other SEO characteristics stand to those of other high ranking websites.

3. Ranking boost is seen for Yelp and other local directories.
What to do - Make sure your business is listed in the most influential local directories in your niche.

4. Local carousel remains a way to gain extra exposure.
What to do - make sure to put a nice, high-quality and attractive photo in your Google+ business profile and encourage your customers to review your business.

For complete Pigeon ramifications as well as more recommendations and best practices for local rankings improvement, see original article.

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