Your Google Plus Tips Of The Week | Issue 114

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Google Plus Tips for Aug 16th - issue 114

1. Improve chances of getting your Comment Featured in a HOA
2. Want a little privacy on Google+?
3. How to Get More Interaction on Google+

Improve chances of getting your Comment Featured in a HOA

As an audience member, this is great not only because you can interact directly with the HOA host and filmstrip guests but, if featured by the hosts, your comment and profile photo will be part of the video and so seen whenever and wherever the video is viewed.

To help chances that your comment will be featured, I found a couple great tips from Ronnie Bincer and added a few.

1. Make your comment “stand alone". Don't refer to a previous one as there's no guarantee that the earlier comment was featured.

2. Keep your comments short. This makes it easier to read by both the audience and HOA host. This will also prevent the comment from being cut off mid sentence.

3. If your comment is directed at a particular filmstrip member, indicate that at the beginning of the comment so it gets noticed by the host or "comment wrangler". (someone who manages the comments for the host).

4. Think of making your comment "Twitter friendly". Keep it under 120 characters to make your contribution to the conversation "tweetable" and memorable.

5. Having your comment with profile photo included in someone else’s video is a super way to extend your reach. Make sure your photo is well lit and friendly and check to see that your profile page is optimized for all those new visitors that will be dropping by.

Want to be more private on Google+?

Do you feel your G+ Profile page is an open book?
Want to remain a little mysterious?

While not generally advised as a way to make friends and influence people, you can limit what the public can see on your Google+ Profile.

When you look at your Profile Page as “yourself” you see all the tabs under the cover image:

About - Posts - Photos - YouTube - +1’s - Reviews  

You have the option to hide all or some of the last four tabs.

Google+ Profile personal view

Go to your Google+ Settings then scroll down to the Profile section and choose which tabs you want to show.

Google plus profile settings

This is what my Profile Page looks like after choosing to not show the profile tabs to visitors. Select: View profile as “public” to see the public view of your page. 

You can also customize it to see how a specific person sees your page. (Option found directly over your profile photo.)

Google Plus profile Public view

Everything on your Profile page can be been hidden except for the About and Posts tabs.

Hide number of "views".
You can also hide your "view count" which is beside your follower count.

(Views represent how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page since October 2012 )

This is done on the same Profile section in your Settings.
Deselect: Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.

If you don’t want your G+ profile to be indexed by Google (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you can 
Deselect: Help others discover my profile in search results.

Hide number of "followers".

If you want to hide the number of followers you have, go to the About tab.
On the bottom left corner of the People Card, click EDIT.
Deselect: Show people who have added you to circles.

Google Plus About Card  edit

You can edit each card on your About tab by selecting the level of visibility you want for each category.

Before retreating completely into the Google+ closet, be aware that most people will choose to circle you based on the information they find on your Profile page.

If accumulating followers and building networks isn't important to you, then be as secretive as you like.
But if you want to build connections, meet new people and certainly, if you want to do business here, then the more open you are, the more rewarding your experience on Google+ will be.

How to Get More Interaction on Google+ [Infographic]

by Irfan Ahmad and Chris Macidis of CircleCount.


1. Avoid link dropping since it is an obvious pitfall showing low engagement figures across the board.

2. Share photos with more than 100 characters to get the most interaction

3. Text only posts are worthwhile for both +1s and comments but not reshares

Before you go on to peruse this great infographic, I want to thank you very much for sharing your time with me.If you found this newsletter helpful please share it with your friends.

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How To Get More +1s, Comments and Reshares On Google+

Did any of these findings surprise you?