Your Google+ Tips of the Week | Issue 115

Google Plus tips Aug 23rd

Google Plus Tips for Aug 23rd - issue 115

1. The New Comment Tracker.

2. How to Keep Your Private Google+ Posts PRIVATE

3. How to Simply Remove Photo Backgrounds with “Clipping Magic”.

The New Comment Tracker.

Ronie Bincer Comment Track capture

In last week’s Newsletter (issue 114)I explained the benefits of having your Event Page comments (or wherever the comments are being tracked) shared inside the HOA.

With the Comment Tracker app, the host or anyone inside the HOA can bring up a comment and display on on screen. This also displays your profile photo.

I’ve been using the Comment Tracker for awhile and think it’s awesome for creating a connection between the people inside the HOA and the audience.

The app, however is not the most user friendly (I know what you’re thinking, “Why would it be, it’s on Google+”).  But recently the developer of the app, Gerwin Sturm updated the UI (User Interface) that makes it more appealing and easier to navigate.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the setting up of the Comment Tracker any easier. But I believe that to be a Google/Event Page issue more than a design one.

Here is Ronnie Bincer’s video post where he demonstrates what the Comment Tracker does and how it works.


What the comment tracker is and why you should care.

0:01 What the Comment Tracker tool does

0:38 PPI & HOA - what they mean to you

1:35 True Interaction Builds Trust

2:13 Comment Tracker app vs. Q&A app

How to use the Comment Tracker

3:03 Where to access the Comment Tracker app in the Hangout Interface

3:45 Where to add a Source from which to track comments

4:19 Checking for Reshares of that Source for more comments

5:02 Navigate to the "Stream" area to interact with the comments

5:37 Stream: How to Display Comments on screen

6:06 Example of a Displayed Comment

6:30 How to Turn Off the Displayed Comment from the screen

6:51 Note Which Version of Comment Tracker we're using

How to Keep Your Private Google+ Posts PRIVATE

If you’ve ever mistakenly hit “reply to all” when your sarcastic response was meant for that one special person, you’ll relate to Important Things to Know About Private Messages on Google+ by Mark Traphagen.

If you share a private message to more than one person on Google+ be aware that the list of everyone included in the message can be seen by anyone else included
even if you don't +mention everyone in the message body.

To see the entire list of accounts with which the message was shared, a recipient just has to click on the "Shared Privately" link at the top of the post.
You'll see the icons of all the post recipients. 
Hover over each one to see the profile name. 

Private Google+ posts

+mentioning someone sends a notification to that person

If you +mention someone anytime during the correspondence, that person is now included in the message. If you need to refer to someone and don’t want to invite that person into the conversation, don’t put a “+” in front of their name.

How to Create a Private Message

1. Open a new share box. 

2. Delete any circles currently shown in the share box. 

3. Either plus mention (type a + and then immediately the name) anyone you want to include OR enter their name in the "Add more people" box. 

4. If you use the "add more people" box, remember, those people can still be seen by other recipients!

Disable reshares

If you want to prevent anyone from +mentioning someone else into your private message, select "Disable reshares" from the drop down menu at upper right after publishing the post.

How to Simply Remove Photo Backgrounds

Clipping Magic removing background

If you publish content on social networks, you probably use a lot of images. 

Given the complexity of copyright laws and the cost of paying for images, many are opting to use their own.

I've been doing that a lot. I "click" more than talk on my iPhone. 

Manipulating photos, especially removing backgrounds, can be daunting if you not a graphic designer. But fear not. There's an app for that. 

Like iPiccy, Clipping magic is targeted to people who have little Photoshop experience. 

I discovered Clipping magic via Ian Cleary, who publishes content on social media tools and technology. 

It's great for setting parts of an image against another background or as a stand alone.

Clipping process

Changing background of my G+ Profile photo.

I opened the app and dragged my profile photo into it.

The image has a blurry background that I wanted to replace with the familiar orange background of my HOA studio/office.

This opens a twin panel with the original (before) on the left and the after on the right. 

You use the green marker to indicate what you want to keep and the red to outline the image.(in the space you want to remove.)

It’s amazingly intuitive. You can tweak it to fine tune the image.

When you're done, download the image to your folder.

This week, I wanted to test a new profile photo on the homepage of

I’ve been getting some feedback that I looked too corporate. So I'm doing some A/B testing with you. 

Here are my two landing pages. Which do you prefer?



B B photo 

I look forward to your feedback.

If you have any questions or comments on the above topics or any of my past newsletters, please let me know in the comments below or send me a Private Message in Google+. :-)