Your Weekly Google Plus Tips for June 21st

Your Google Plus Tips

1. Google Circles Basics

2. Google Circle Management with Circloscope

3. Google+ Hangouts Filmstrip Update & presentation tips

Manage Contacts

Manage Google Plus Circles Rebekah Radice

I highly recommend you read the full article as Rebekah covers the basics for getting noticed on Google+.

I’ve featured her “Circle Management” section here because I often that people start out ok, but as their circle numbers grow, they feel they’re herding cats instead of managing circles.

It's a good idea to prioritize your first three circles as they always appear at the top of your stream.

You can arrange your circles at anytime by going to the "people" icon on the side menu and sliding the circles where you want them to appear.

(from Rebekah's post)

Use Google+ Circles to manage the conversations happening within Google+.

Not familiar with Circles? The explanation is simple and they’re even easier to use.

Circles, similar to Facebook and Twitter lists, let you categorize people based on related topic, industry, hobby or skill.

Once categorized, you can use Circles to keep up with posts from your favorite people. It makes commenting and sharing a breeze!

  • Share posts with a select group of people to target your specific message
  • Post to “public” to allow anyone to view and comment on your content
  • Create notification circles to update certain followers e.g. when your latest blog post goes live
  • Add people to specific Circles or lists as you follow them to keep things tidy


Automatically discover the engagers you need to follow to make your Google+ experience explode in a fraction of the time of doing it manually.

Circloscope is Circles on Steroids   
If you're serious about optimizing your time on Google+ by engaging with the people you want to, then Circloscope is definitely worth the time investment.

The team headed by Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh has done an incredible job upgrading the app. 
I used it sporadically last year but found the interface confusing. This new version is easy on the eyes and brain.

Circloscope intro

If you host HOA events, you can even create a circle of people who responded yes. How cool is that?  
Here are some of the new features:

  • Find people that engage with your latest posts
  • Find people that engage with other people's posts
  • Find people that are in other people's circles or that have them circled
  • Find people that engage with events (hangouts on air)
  • Filter people that do not have a profile photo
  • View the people you have blocked or muted
  • Create black lists to prevent re-circling people you have uncircled
  • Create white lists to prevent accidental removing from your circles
  • Create and save queries/filters to re-use later
  • and much more!

Links to Bookmark:  (website(help desk(video tutorials)

Check out this short video overview:

Hangouts Filmstrip Update & Tips

Google+ likes to keep Ronnie Bincer busy sending out news of Hangout updates. 

Remember "blue boxing"?
This is when you clicked on someone on a Hangout filmstrip to pin them to the main viewing area. A blue frame appeared around the person's thumbnail.

Two things have changed:

1. "White" has become the new blue. The frame around your filmstrip thumbnail is now white. So we no longer can refer to it as “blue boxing”. I'm choosing to use the term “pinning” as opposed to “white boxing”. (in case they change the colour again.)

2. When you pin yourself on the filmstrip, your thumbnail will expand full width to show you what you look like when you're featured in the main viewing area.  

Note that these are interior features meaning no one watching the HOA from the outside will notice any difference.

As far as updates go, this isn't revolutionary.
It's a small change that gives you a preview of what you'll look like on the main screen.

It's good for checking your lower third graphic and to see if you're centred within the frame properly.

For example, towards the end of our GPlusLunchBunch show, I switch my "overlay" from my show's lower third to my Newsletter promo.

I do this while someone else is "pinned" so it's difficult to see If I switched to the correct one. 
Now with this full width thumbnail, I'll be able to see my full screen and verify that I have the right graphic.   

Here's what you're filmstrip will now look like:
  • wider self-view
  • white pin box instead of blue
  • no gaps between video feeds (thumbnails)
  • no rounded corners on the feeds (thumbnails)

As far as for what happens above the filmstrip, Ronnie posted this handy checklist for helping you look your best:

Technically -  You'll need:
  • A Good Camera (webcam that can support HD quality 720p)
  • Good Sound (yes this will impact how you 'appear') so isolate the speakers from the microphone whenever possible
  • Wired not WiFi connection to the Internet if possible
  • Good lighting (more light on your face than from behind)
  • Good upload speed (1.5mbps is a good starting point)
  • Computer capability (4 cores in the CPU is needed for HD quality)
  • CPU happiness (shut down non-essential programs and restart)
Personally - You'll need to know how to:
  • Look at the camera (not the filmstrip)
  • Smile!
  • 'See the audience'
  • Be engaging
  • Embrace the concept that the camera is your friend
  • Become comfortable on camera
  • Realize that you may be featured at any time

For more information, view his HOA: Learn How to Improve Your Video Presence in Hangouts where he interviews renown Business Coach and Motivational Speaker, Kellan Fluckiger 

That's it for this week. Now go outside and enjoy this much awaited for summer!

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