Your Google Plus Tips for June 28

Martk Traphagen Authorship Authority

Your Google Plus Tips June 28th

1. Authorship: What’s Changed?
2. 10 Tips for Getting Started on Google+
3. Don’t Be a “Blue Head”

Authorship: What’s changed?

I had the pleasure this week of interviewing  Mark Traphagen, on my G+LunchBunch Show.
Mark is the Senior Director of Online Marketing at Stone Temple Consulting and is the recognized authority on Google Authorship.

Mark Traphagen Lunch Bunch Authorship

Mark shared why Google Authorship is important in establishing Authority and dispelled misconceptions such as simply having "rich snippets" guarantees you a premium spot on search result pages.
Adding to the confusion about Authorship was the June 25th, Google announcement from the IO14 Developers Conference that it is removing photos from search engine results pages (SERPS)
From the moment it was posted by Google Webmaster, John Mueller, the conspiracy rumours flew.
As he points out in the comment section of that post, this move by Google has no impact on Authorship.
John Mueller Authorship Photo comment
Mark responded to this move and the kerfuffle it created on his G+ post: Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search. Why? 
He also wrote an Op-ed in SearchEngineLand: Google Removes Author Photos From Search: Why And What Does It Mean?
You can watch the show and read the comments on the event page: Google Authorship: Hits & Myths

Here are some key take aways:
1. Continue to set up Authorship connections between your Google+ profile and the content you publish anywhere on the web. Resource: Google Authorship Official FAQ
2. “Qualifying authors will still get the byline on search results for their content, even if the photo and Google+ circle count no longer show.
3. By pulling what many saw as the major advantage of Authorship, Google is making it clear that it can’t show favouritism to Google+. Building your authority is still the best way of getting you well positioned on search.

If it matters to you that people know and trust what you’re about, then:
- Build the type of content that helps people.
- Create content that shows you know what you’re talking about.
- Engage, answer questions.

10 Tips for Getting Started on Google+

- from the LunchBunch


A year ago I asked our #GPlusLunchBunch to share Tips for Getting started on Google+  
Here are 10:

1. Decide who you want to reach and what topics interest you, then do a search and organize them in circles. Search for keywords and hashtags specific to your interests and goals. - Sherry Nouraini

2. Use Hangouts to extend your reach beyond Google+ to drive people to your site, Events Page or YouTube channel.

3. Produce content. Treat Google+ like a blog. Produce your own content and use supporting links to build your authority in that content. Don’t just “link share”. Add commentary to your shares. - Randy Bowden

4. Join a Community, interact by asking and answering questions then create your own. Communities are topic specific They offer a great place to show off your expertise and build influence.

5. Just do it!  Spend time listening to people who know their Google+.  Approach it in pieces and in different ways until you find your Google groove. – Bill Vick

6. Lurk before You leap!  Just as you wouldn’t dive off the end of a dock without knowing the depth of the water at your feet, take the time to see what’s happening on the platform. Read posts on topics you’re interested in. Join Hangouts and see how they work. Play with “Circles” management. - Kerry Armour

7. Wear water wings!  Find influencers to help you keep your head above water as you learn the strokes. Google+ is not an out-of-the box toy, it’s more “Legos” than “Barbie”. - Jessica Dewell

8. Make circles make sense  by organizing them according to your needs. On your personal profile that may be according to who engages with you the most. On your Brand page, that may be according to level of engagement or place on the “sales” funnel. - Carrie Keenan

Your four top circles appear above your Google+ stream. 80% of my engagement happen within those circles so it’s wise to make sure they’re populated by people you want to interact with the most.

9. Be a “friend stealer”  Find people to circle by checking out who your friends follow and recommend. It’s a trick I use on Twitter and Carrie Keenan does this on Google+. Once she checks out their profile, she adds them to a “New People” circle and over time, she either moves them up her circle ladder or un-circles them.

10. Find yourself a Hangout buddy and practice using Hangouts On Air (HOA) and Hangout Video Chats (HVC). It’s one of the most popular features of Google+ and is used by many who aren’t active otherwise. -  Scott Scowcroft

Don’t be a "Blue Head"

google plus blue head

As the The Beatles sang, “Please, Please Me” and show me who you are.

Nothing says “Don’t circle me” like a blue head., and I’m not talking blue rinse, here.

You can’t make friends with a “bag” over your head.

If you’re not sure how to change your profile photo, here are directions fromGoogle support:(also includes directions for Android, iOS and mobile web)

  1. Open Google+ and select Profile from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.
  2. Click About below your cover photo.
  3. Place your cursor over the blank face, or your profile picture if you have one > click the camera icon.
  4. Use your cursor to move your chosen photo into the “Drag photo here” box. You can also click Select a photo from your computer to choose a photo file.
  5. Crop your photo > click Save as profile photo in the lower left corner.
Your profile image is 270 px by 270 px and is displayed as a circle.
Your photo should be front facing and well lit. This is especially important as this is your Google profile image and will follow you around the internet (except on SERPs) see Google Authorship.

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