Your Google Plus Tips of the Week | Issue 117

Early Autumn Montreal Old Port Google Plus Tip Newsletter

Your Google+ Tips for Sept. 6th

1. Hangout On Air Event Notifications

2. Google+ Help Community

3. Explore the Web Using Hashtags

1. Sending Hangout On Air Event Notifications without being spammy

Hangout On Air shows are multiplying like Tribbles. If you received a lot of Event notifications before, prepare yourself this Fall for a whole lot more.

If you don’t want to risk being muted or blocked by spamming your circles with Hangout Event notifications, then apply a strategy to your Event invitations.

1. Are they in your community?

If you own or manage a community who shares an interest in your Event topic, it makes sense to invite them.

If you are a member of a Community and think the HOA may be of interest, ask permission from the Community owner or manager before posting the event or sending them an invitation.


2. Have they been a guest or interacted on your Event before?

One of the best ways to be sure you’re not sending unwelcome invitations is by sending them to people who have already shown an interest in your HOAs.

One way of doing that is to create a circle of people who have attended and interacted with your HOA event. You can do this manually by circling directly from the Event page.

Or you can use the Circle Management tool: Circloscope.

Among the many features of the app is the ability to drag the url of your event into the program and see who replied "yes" or "maybe" your event and/or posted comments.

Christine DeGraffe takes you through this simple procedure.


1. Open Circloscope
2. Find an Event you want to use to find participants
3. Copy the full url. (shortened urls don’t work)
4. Go to your Dashboard.
4. Select “events”.
5. Choose your filter i.e. “Posted to event (not in my circles) or “Going to my event...
6. Paste the Event url in next window.
7. Choose who you want to add to your “Hangout Invite” Circle. (Or any other)
8. Add to existing or create a new Circle.

3. Is the topic of the show relevant to them?

If you've established an online relationship with someone and believe your HOA would interest them, then send a personal invitation saying why you think they would enjoy it.

What these tips have in common is "relevance".
It's not about getting the most people possible to your show, it's getting the most relevant people possible.

2. Google+ Help Community

Google+ Help Community bannerIf you have a specific question about Google+ that you can’t seem to find an answer for within your circles, I highly recommend you check out the Google+ Help Community. 
Pinned at the top of the Community is a Menu of Helpful Links to support Forums:

Questions for Other Google Products?: 
Have a question that is not about Google+?
Click on the link for other Google communities to get help for your specific question.

Business Owners: Questions about your Google+ Pages?: 
Have a question that is related to your business or local page? 
Click on the link above to visit the Google Your Business forum

Custom Url issue or request?
Please read through the above Help Center content for information

Google+ Tours: 
New to Google+? Take these tours to learn more!

Google+ Help Center:
Search and explore articles on just about everything you need to know about Google+!

Google+ Help Page: 
Follow our Google+ Help Page to get updates, tips and tricks about Google+.

Each Friday a Community contributor curates a “3 Hottest Questions from the Google+ Help Community” post.

Denis Labelle (who should definitely be in your circles) has put together this list of past ones:

Google Hashtags: Your Discovery Channel

I'm repeating this tip from a couple months ago (July 5th issue) because it's a feature that Google pays a lot of attention to. 

If you're looking for a specific topic on Google+ or on the web, using Hashtags will help you find it as well as related topics. 
We don't always know what we've looking for...

Google+ navigation bar

Google Plus Explorer

#Hashtags are great for doing searches, especially on Google+. 
It’s the best way finding people and topics specific to your interests.

Google+ loves Hashtags so much, it adds one to your post even if you forget to.
You can turn off the auto hashtag by heading over to your settings:

1. Connect to your Google + account.

2. Click on Home and Settings.

3. Scroll to the "Hashtags" section.

4. Uncheck "Add related hashtags from Google on my newly created posts".

5. Click on the "Back to Google +" link.

The  “Explore” sits next to “More” on your G+ navigation toolbar.

The desktop version includes:

1. A summary view that highlights posts across multiple categories.

2. A starter set of topics (like Music, Sports and Photography) that you can click on to explore further. What’s Hot is also listed here, instead of in the navigation bar.

3. The ability to search for specific topics, and read what others are saying about them.

4. The option to “go deeper” on relevant sub-topics (like #HolidayBaking) when you select or search for a topic (like #FoodAndDrink).

5. An easy way to follow the people and/or join the communities that are talking about the stuff you’re into.

To get started on desktop, click “Explore” at the top of your Home stream.

Google Plus Hashtags

Related Hashtag Suggestions:

By clicking on the featured hashtag in a post, the card rotates allowing you to scroll through five other posts with that specific Hashtag.

The last card gives you a list of related hashtags.

With the new "Explore" button, you can research topics and grow your circles with people who posts on topics you're interested in. 

It should come with a "rabbit hole" caution though as one hashtag leads to another. discovery. 

Explore “Explore” to:

- Find relevant connections
- Mine content ideas
- Measure trends
- explore related topics.

Want a deeper look at Google+ Hashtags?

- how they differ from other platforms,
- the science behind "related hashtags"
- how hashtags fit in Google's development of semantic search

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If you found it helpful, please share with your friends.

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