Your Google Plus Tips of the Week

Here are some Google+ tips I thought were worth revisiting:

1. 5 Steps to grow your G+ Business Page
2. How to create animated GIF Images
3. How to control Email notifications

5 Actions to Take Everyday to Grow Your Google Plus Business Page

This is a great post from Ryan that gives a template to follow for increasing engagement on your Google Plus Business Page.
Ryan has a HOA/podcast, Content Warfare that I recommend highly.  

1. Take an old blog post and share it using all the proper formatting and explaining as to why this was an article worth reading… DO NOT LINK DUMP. (Share links to posts without commentary)

2. Work your way through your feed of people you’ve circled, made up of industry professionals and local people and businesses. Plus 1 and comment on articles you could add value to.

3. Do the same thing in a few local Google+ Communities and two small business communities you really like.

4.Take best one or two articles and reshare them to your own own feed or a communities feed if you think it more appropriate.

5.Respond to any comments or notifications from Mr. Jingles. (Notification icon on top right)

How to easily create your own animated .gif images!

We love them or hate them. 
You have to admit they do catch our eye. 
What's "Caturday" without them.

Now that Google+ can automagically create gifs from our uploaded photos it's nearly impossible to avoid seeing them in our stream.

(If you've taken a series of photos in succession (at least 5), Auto Awesome will stitch these photos together into a repeating short animation. i.e. Gif

Then someone like Martin Shervington comes along and demonstrate gifs aren't just for kids.

Plus Your Business

This week, Martin shares some of the tools he uses to create them:

GifMaker- Free gif creator that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. All you need is a Web browser with flash player installed.

Online Image Editor- Free Online Image Editor lets you edit images ONLINE. Includes GIF maker.

Cockos(ok, stop your giggling!) it's actually cockos/LICEcap: simple animated screen captures. This is the app used to do those cool looping screen captures.
Here's a demo of how it's done. The result's here.

Now that I know how's it's done, I've got some playin' to do.
Would you use any of these gif tools?

Stop email notifications

To stop email notifications for everything except community posts, go to Settings at the bottom of your left side menu of your Google+ Home page. 
Scroll down to Receive notifications and remove check marks from the Email column for any notifications you do not want to receive.

Google Plus Settings Notifications

Community posts:
The only way to disable email notifications for community posts is to disable notifications entirely for each community.
To do that, go to the community, and click the bell icon next to the Actions button to make sure it says Off next to the bell.

Google Plus Community Notifications

That's it for this week. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you found it helpful, please share. If you haven’t already, join our Google+ Tips & Topics Community. You can catch up on past #GPlusLunchBunch shows on my YouTube channel or Google+ Page.