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Shakespeare's "content" still resonates after 450 years.

Your Google+ Tips for April 26

1. What Triggers the New Large Image Link Shares on Google Plus?

2. How to make a Notify Me Circle

3. 100 Google Drive Tips & Hacks

How to trigger full column width Post Thumbnails

Last Month Google+ caught up with Facebook and Twitter and offered full column wide blog post images on embedded links
This is when you share your own blog post or someone else’s but inserting a link in the “link” field or inside the text body of a Google+ post.

G+ shared post thumbnail.jpg

This is an example of typical shared post with small thumbnail along with title, linked to G+ icon and name of site.

Ray NRC Post G+.jpg

The above post is a share from my website that rendered full column wide and includes title, connected to G+ Page icon with name of website and the meta description.

I’ve noticed a lot of small thumbnails still appearing in my stream still and wondered why more sites weren’t optimizing their images to display larger on Google+ shares. From what I can determine, the originating web page that you’re sharing to Google+ should have at least one image that is a minimum 506 px wide.

It should have the og (Open Graph) tag on it. ( <meta property="og:type" content="article"> )

I’m using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast which supplies this. Under “social” then Facebook, check to have the plugin supply all the necessary og tags including image, title of post and the excerpt.
If you're using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, under Social > Facebook, there is a checkbox to have this plugin supply all of the necessary og tags, including for the image, the title of the post, and the excerpt.

How to Make Sure You Never Miss the Best Stuff on Google+

Managing circles and controlling the what you see and who you see in your Google+ stream is challenging. There are so many variables; your own setting, the people in your circle’s settings, Communities and Events.

It’s important, especially if you’re trying to establish relationships with people that you see and interact with as much as their content as you can.

I place my priority circles in the first four, that way they appear at the top of my home stream and I don’t forget to check them out. 
However, I still miss important posts because:
1. I have too many people in those circles and/or
2. Posts stream by as I check other circles.

The best way to not miss a post is to receive a notification each time that person publishes.
As Dustin points below, you have to be careful to not have too many people in your “subscriber” circles as you'll be inundated with notifications.

Dustin shows us how to create a "subscription circle". This is a circle into which you put people whose posts you don't want to miss. So when they publish a post, you either get a notification in your email (depending on your settings) and through Mr. Jingles", the bell notification icon on the upper right of your screen.

As you can see in the attached image, it's pretty easy:

1. Hover your pointer over the person's name. Their hovercard will pop up.

2. Hover over the circle button on their hovercard and add them to the circle 
that you want to be your Subscription circle.

3. Click on that circle's stream and make sure you have the little bell in the top right corner clicked to "On" (it should be colored red).

100 Important Google Drive Tips for Teachers and Students


Google Drive is increasingly becoming the collaborative tool for work, school and organizations.

While not as robust in features included in proprietary software like Microsoft Office, it packs a lot of features at a very low price. The first 15GB of storage is free.


I’ve yet to discover all of the tricks and hacks to be found in Drive, but if you’re adventurous, here’s 100 of them brought to you by Educators Technology

I won’t list them all here, but here’s a list of categories with a few links to a few I want to check out: 
Keyboard Shortcuts - Productivity Hacks - Features and Tools - Collaboration - Files, Folders and Filters - Organization - Edits - Synchronization - Search - Presentations - Spreadsheets - Tasks

Check out the full list here: 100 Important Google Drive Tips

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