Will Social Media change Your Company?

Will the philosophy of engagement and trust building that drives social media marketing find its way into your organization?

You've chosen to embark on a social media campaign to enhance your place in the market and build a network of loyal clients. By doing this, you represent a fundamental change in the traditional corporate mindset represented by Dilbert and Mad Men.

Your customer no longer represents solely a business transaction or opportunity but a source of innovation and feedback.  This new relationship, nourished with constant and immediate interaction, will be integral to the successful development of your company.

Now turn this around and apply this mindset internally. What if you treat your staff as you do your social media network? What if you listen to them; address their concerns; encourage their participation?

How will this change how they relate to you? How will this affect your employee morale and productivity?

By engaging clients through FaceBook, Twitter and blogs, you  open yourself  to new partners; by engaging your co-workers; you inspire your current ones.