Foursquare - not for squares

Had an impromptu info session at work today about social media. Most of the conversation related to its role in PR & marketing as well as how difficult it was to make the case for businesses to embark upon social media. The age range of the participants in this dialogue was twenty something to fifty something. With the exception of myself, who did most of the talking and defending of soc med's importance, everyone else had little or no idea how the subject was relevant.

 Somehow the conversation always seem to return to the idea that the medium was on one hand, an invasion of privacy and on the other; a platform for egomaniacs who believe everyone in the world should share in the minutiae of their lives.

So we discussed Twitter (that name again- so easy to dismiss), Facebook and blogging. Most were familiar with these more popular platforms. But when I mentioned Fourquare, no one had even heard of it.

 I had because I constantly have my ear to the rails about social media news, but even I was unsure of how or why it has become so popular. So I looked it up and posted the video intro from the Foursquare website.

I must say that I am intrigued. Because it is very social and works best when subscribers get out a lot; this platform has very real potential for businesses, especially those in the entertainment, restaurant, and retail sectors. Whether it spreads to the general public remains to be seen. Until I have an opportunity to study it more, and maybe even try it out, I'll reserve judgment and just recommend to anyone who asks; Foursquare or square. (I just showed my age, didn't I?)